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So I just had a strange encounter…

…with a pair of ten-year-old girls. I know they were ten years old because they told me. 

All I was planning on doing was getting the mail. I get out onto the porch and look down to the street where the girls are walking, they look back, wave, yell ‘Hi!’. So I wave and say hi. 

Then one of them asks if I’ve gotten a haircut recently. So I say yeah, about a month ago… I’m pretty sure they thought I was someone else to begin with. 

Among other topics covered were: whether I’m gay (I said I wasn’t, debated over explaining that I’m bi, eventually chose not to because, well, I’m not really keen on discussing my sexuality with children at the best of times and with kids I don’t even know?); why I have the remains of nail polish on my fingernails (Kid 1’s theory: it’s soothing, which I’ve never heard as a reason to wear nail polish, but okay; my actual answer: I like the color/glitter); what the girls want to do/be when they grow up (Kid 1’s mom apparently told her that she could be a singer, a cheerleader, a tattoo artist, which was a pleasant surprise among the exceedingly binary-gender-role-oriented crap; Kid 2 wants to be a singer, a dancer, or maybe an architect, we got sidetracked before I could show her any pictures of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stuff); their pets; their desired number/gender-identification of children; their home-ownership goals; whether Cardcaptor Sakura was “inappropriate” viewing (my view: oh good God NO, it’s awesome and totally appropriate because Sakura’s ten/eleven/twelve and it’s all about being yourself and being brave and and and—; Kid 1’s dad doesn’t agree, which, screw him). 

It was rather unexpected and sort of…I don’t know, disconcerting, I guess. 


Fluid dynamics of Earth’s ocean, colored by surface temperature.

Credit: NOAA, Thomas Delworth, Anthony Rosati.  Watch the animation here.

This is why I love the internet: see these? I NEEDED THESE. I hadn’t yet gone looking for them and they came to me. 

I’m sort of half-working on this thing based on the idea of certain (US) lawmakers/pundits getting their way, and there are SO MANY consequences to that — economic, social, geophysical… So I need to know how the ocean currents run (or run at the moment, since temperature changes will cause them to change over time) in order to estimate what kind of oceanic environmental issues might arise. 

So, yeah. That this exists is a hundred and fifty kinds of awesome; that it showed up on my dash is another four thousand kinds of awesome.