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Fluid dynamics of Earth’s ocean, colored by surface temperature.

Credit: NOAA, Thomas Delworth, Anthony Rosati.  Watch the animation here.

This is why I love the internet: see these? I NEEDED THESE. I hadn’t yet gone looking for them and they came to me. 

I’m sort of half-working on this thing based on the idea of certain (US) lawmakers/pundits getting their way, and there are SO MANY consequences to that — economic, social, geophysical… So I need to know how the ocean currents run (or run at the moment, since temperature changes will cause them to change over time) in order to estimate what kind of oceanic environmental issues might arise. 

So, yeah. That this exists is a hundred and fifty kinds of awesome; that it showed up on my dash is another four thousand kinds of awesome. 

I’m actually an Earth sign, but it’s hard to tell.

Mostly because I really, really like water and the creatures who live in it. Even if they’re fictional creatures. All of this is leading up to the fact that I am sorely tempted to buy myself a couple of ornaments from December Diamonds’s merman collection. I can definitely see some of these (or all of them, in a few cases) on the tree (or whatever) of more than one of my characters.